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Sky is Clear Here!!!

Till I come and stay in Coimbatore, June was a month of monsoon. In Kerala there was no single day that we wouldn't get drenched in the rain during these months. Just like school bag and books, umbrella is a sure shopping product for every school joining children. It is not the case with Coimbatore. Days are so windy here during this month and might flew away all the rain clouds. We can hardly see a drizzle on some days. Yesterday my mother phoned and said it's raining heavily here so its  very difficult to dry up the washed clothes. When she hung up the phone I looked at the clear blue sky.

Taken at evening from our hostel terrace.

Her Wish

She is trying to be a daughter of her father’s wish
and act according to his flowchart

And a sister of her brother’s wish
and offers him the toys that she loved the most

A lovely wife of her husband’s wish,
satisfying all his needs, forgetting hers

But she really wishes to be a man, even in her
next birth and to be himself and live for himself

-Athira M. K.


Gentle breeze
Countless stars
Yet another dinner as
in the daily routine chart.

 Most things are predictable
 in that school apart from
the feelings that rush
through the minds.

I waited for him
under the shady tree
which hides me from
the fluorescent lamp.

And I remained hidden
throughout my life.

 -Athira M. K.


“Mia, you look so smart in your school uniform”.

I said to my cousin while she has been dressed up by her mother for the first day of her school. I eagerly looked over the innocent face for her cute reply, but I saw a tiny tear drop on the brim of her lashes. I felt sorry for her.

I saw me in her place and hardly found any difference. It may be the Donald duck on the umbrella has been replaced by ben 10. But I saw a large difference in the attitude of students. Everyday is filled with strange and dreadful incidents. When I was at school I couldn't think of a boy killing his classmate. Now the society has witnessed that too.

Dear I’m really worried about you.

-Athira M. K.


I woke up hearing a classical song from the other room. This practice for the ‘Voice of Rithu’ must have been started from the early morning. All others in my room are still sleeping. Yesterday’s late night dumbsherads made us so tired. The timepiece which kept aside the pillow showed 6 ‘O’ clock. Somehow I stepped down the double decker bed and headed towards the browsing zone. On the way, I took some water from the water purifier. Even though the hostel mess provides black coffee, I prefer this. Though the browsing zone exists in the corners of every floor, it is fairly occupied often. I checked my fb notifications and the mail inbox. Nothing unusual… quite an ordinary day. I have given a full stop for my browsing; otherwise it steals my whole day.

On the way back to my room, I entered room no: 57. My intention was to borrow Gopika’s ADA notebook for copying yesterday’s problems. In the room I found her along with other three, cracking some code for the online programming competiti…